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National Veteran Support - About Us

National Veteran Support is a 501c(3) non-profit California Public Benefit Corporation maintained and supported by volunteers and the generosity of your tax deductible donations. We assist War Era Veterans and their widows in all 50 states across the USA.

National Veteran Support enlists VA accredited claims agents to represent claimants in obtaining their rightfully earned benefits. Accredited claims agents have the authority to provide responsible, qualified representation in the preparation, presentation, and prosecution of claims for veterans’ benefits. California entity corporation #C3762620.

We are not affiliated with The Department of Veterans Affairs or any other government agency and we do not receive federal, state or local aid of any kind. We are 100% donation supported.

Kelly Endres

President, National Veteran Support

About Kelly Endres

Kelly Endres is one of only several dozen Accredited VA Claims agents in the state of California. As such, he is authorized by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to legally represent veterans in all states to the VA, and to assist veterans with filing claims for VA benefits. Kelly has an unrivaled 98% approval rate on the claims that he has personally presented to the VA. No one is more caring when it comes to ensuring that our senior veterans are cared for properly and get the money that they have earned by their service to our country.

Before founding National Veteran Support, Kelly spent several decades working in and with non-profit organizations to help individuals improve their literacy, detox from the effects of drugs and other toxins, and helping others to learn the truth about drugs.

When he's not working on behalf of our veterans, Kelly enjoys motorcycle rides and spending time with his wife, Donna, and their children and grandchildren.

National Veteran Support

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