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A division of American Veterans' Benefits Alliance an IRS
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Financial Aid for War Era Veterans and Surviving Spouses
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National Veteran Support is a Non Profit Organization

with a focus on helping veterans and their surviving spouses access the
Veterans Non Service-Connected Pension Benefit also known as Aid & Attendance.

What Is Aid & Attendance?

The financial assistance program known as Aid & Attendance comes directly from the United States government, is tax free and is deposited directly into the bank account of the veteran or surviving spouse for the rest of his or her life, as long as eligibility is maintained. National Veteran Support is a non-profit public benefit corporation whose purpose is to assist the senior veteran or his widow in understanding his or her qualifications for the Aid & Attendance benefit through counseling and education. Our goal is to see that the applications of qualified men and women get approved smoothly and easily the first time. We are a nationally recognized 501(c)(3) charity and non-profit public benefit corporation, and we are supported by your donations and membership.

We are volunteers in support of veterans and their families. The Veterans Administration says that an informed claimant is much more likely to receive his or her rightfully earned benefits. Before applying for the benefit, one should learn as much as possible about it. The Aid & Attendance benefit is designed to provide financial aid to help offset the cost of long-term care for those who need assistance with some activities of daily living. The benefit is available to those veterans, or surviving spouses, who are 65 years of age or older and who are spending a majority of their income on qualified medical expenses.

How Much is the Benefit Payment?

Aid and Assistance benefit amounts 2024

A VA pension may provide income to make life more secure for veterans and their loved ones and is a needs-based benefit for wartime veterans with limited or no income who are age 65 or older, or who have a permanent and total non service-connected disability.

The amount of your benefit payment will depend on your needs and status. As you can see in the table to the right, a single veteran may receive as much as $2300 per month. If you're married, that amount may rise to $2727. If two married veterans both qualify for benefits, their collective benefit may be as much as $3649 monthly, while a surviving spouse of a wartime veteran can receive up to $1478 per month.

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Tony Hoffman, National Veteran SupportSomething to remember …

Filling out government forms can be daunting. Our Award Advisors have specialized knowledge of VA laws, rules and regulations. Anthony Hoffman is our Senior Award Advisor for VA Claims and is ready to help you complete your forms correctly and get you a speedy approval. Tony has a remarkable approval rate of over 95% with the Veterans Administration.

“My Dad has been approved for his VA benefits! Please see attached for a copy of the letter. We are so thrilled, as this will help him out tremendously with all of his growing medical and daily care expenses. He would have run out of his own savings in about 4 more months. You made it so easy to apply and he was approved in 2 1/2 months. We cannot thank you enough. We have a greater sense of peace knowing that he can better afford the care he needs and deserves. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Susie K.
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